June’s Master List

Summer. There is no mistaking that it is here. For KROD this month we decided to celebrate it with songs that have the word “Summer” in them. We have a great mix going this month, even if it’s a small one.

Be sure to check back until every video is linked. Don’t forget to spread the love and comment on the videos. You know you love it when we do.


LizBus Stop

Jay The Bird and the Worm


HellyLazy Days of Summer

DaveSupernatural Superserious


SandyThe Night Before Life Goes On

JesSummer Girl


Get the word out about KROD and let’s try to get some great suggestions for next month! The suggestion post will be up in a few days.



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I'm made of awesome and I like chocolate milk.

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  1. Oh, man! I made a video and then had issues uploading it so I never ended up sending it! I’ll be around next month, and for now I’ll enjoy these!

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